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After the birth of my 3rd child, one day I had decided I needed to lose weight. I had been to the weight loss seminars two times and couldn't get the courage to go have the surgery. After 15 years of failed diets and lots of tears I decided it was time I got my life under control before I became a diabetic.

Fortunately my insurance paid for my surgery. My choice to have the Gastric Sleeve was the BEST decision I have ever done for myself and my family. I feel like the fat jail I was living in I am finally free of. I never felt like I had low self esteem, but it's only now after losing so much weight I look back and realized I didn't like myself at all and was terrified for what I would become on the path I was going down.

Dr. Brad Winterstein and his staff have saved my life in many ways! Not only do I make the right food choices, I also make choices I know are impacting my sons' lives so they can not be where there mom was. There is no greater feeling than having my 6-year-old son hug me and tell me how proud he is that he can touch his hands behind my back from me not being so overweight!