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My before picture was taken October 2012, two months before surgery. My after picture was taken June 11, 2013, six months after surgery.

Before surgery my diabetes was totally out of control. My A1C was 12 and 13. The doctor put me on insulin, but we still couldn't control the diabetes. I had bladder leakage since 1970 and my oxygen level was low. My doctor wanted to have me on oxygen all the time. I also had an attack of arterial flutter. Since I refused to go on oxygen, my doctor said the only way I was going to stay alive was to go to the bariatric clinic and see Dr. Anthone in Omaha.

So I agreed to go. I made several trips to Omaha to the support group meetings and finally set up an appointment to have the Duodenal Switch surgery. I met the first time with Dr. Cronk and the second time with Dr. Anthone. I came back to Falls City and had all the preliminary tests run and the surgery was scheduled for December 7, 2012.

I am a new woman. I want to thank God and my doctor for his referral to Dr. Anthone. I also want to thank Dr. Anthone, his doctors, nurses and staff. You receive so much support from them and their office. I so look forward to my visits. They are like family and make you feel so comfortable.

I am no longer a diabetic. I haven't taken any medication for diabetes since the day after surgery although I don't have to test, I occasionally do. My blood glucose is 88 or 90. After 3 months my A1C was 7 and after 6 months it was 5.9. And, I no longer suffer from bladder leakage. Wow! What a blessing! My oxygen level is back to normal and I can take long walks and exercise without shortness of breath.

I am a new woman at age 70 and feel and look better than I have in years. I'm not done losing weight so I can hardly imagine what I will feel like in 9 months and in 12 months.

I would recommend bariatric surgery to anyone needing to lose weight, with one condition, they really have to want to lose weight and become healthier. Dr. Anthone has the best doctors and support team. I am a firm believer and feel so blessed to be a part of this.