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I was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes in the Spring of 1996. I had to discontinue my oral medications when we discovered that I was expecting our 3rd child and start taking insulin.

I did pretty good with the weight during the pregnancy, but afterwards I couldn't get off of the insulin and the more weight I gained the more insulin I needed to take.....and that started a never-ending cycle. I began dealing with high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I eventually was diagnosed with sleep apnea after a bout with diabetic ketoacidosis.

A former co-worker of mine told me about having her diabetes eliminated by the bariatric surgery. I was sold on the idea. I'd tried multiple diets and philosophies, but while some weight came off, it also came back on and I couldn't make enough head-way to make a difference. When enough small irritants pile up on top of each other, the big picture becomes just too big to handle alone.

My Duodenal Switch surgery was in March 2013. As I write this, 9 months-post surgery, my current weight loss is 147 pounds. I've dropped almost 3 dress sizes and my youngest child recently walked right past me before recognizing that his Mom was in the car waiting to pick him up from school. He got into the car and immediately wanted to tell me something, but he prefaced it with "I'm not trying to offend you or be insulting." I told him to go ahead and just spit it out. He replied, "Mom, you're skinnier than I thought. I didn't think it was you in the car." My baby has never seen me at this weight.

Do I have any regrets? NOT ON YOUR LIFE and I'd do the surgery over again in a heartbeat!